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I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day celebration.  I know we sure did.  The weather cooperated, and it actually felt like Fall.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that I had wanted my sister to take a family photo for us for our Christmas card, and unfortunately had no winter clothes to fit Havi.  Yep.  Hand me downs from her cousin Leah were too small, and Madeline's winter clothes were too big.  So we had to roll with it.  And that kind of dictated what the rest of the family wore for the photo session. Nice, right?  Well, it worked out fine.  I snapped a few photos of the dumplings before my sister arrived to snap a photo of the five of us.  I will share the Christmas card here once it's been mailed (which might be a while because it still needs to be designed and ordered!)  But for now, I'll share this funny outtake.  
 In case you're wondering, this is Havi yelling "STOP!"  It's one of her new favorite words.  Well,that and "NO" and "MINE."  Aren't those fabulous new words? You're rocking the English acquistion, Havi!

Well, we managed to make it over to Andy's parent's house for the food and fun.  After eating a yummy meal, the kids went outside to play. It was chilly for us Floridians, with temps only in the mid 60s.  The kids played duck-duck-goose and plenty of other games with Lisa, Andy's brother's girlfriend.  She's a pediatric OT and consequently has a stash of games in the trunk of her car.  Fun fun fun!
 Josh was so cute trying to get back inside.  He just couldn't turn the knob, poor boy.
 Caleb thought it would be fun to have some races.  He might have had an advantage.
We had such a great time and are so thankful to have been invited. It's so much fun to watch all the kids (7 of them, plus an infant) play with each other.  Caleb and Josh are clearly outnumbered because they are the only two boys.  Yep.

Well, we have been spending the last few days chilling with Michele and John, my SIL and BIL, and my niece Lydia.  The cousins have had a blast playing with each other while we have intermittently dined on some delicious food while enjoying each other's company.  Yesterday we had a little birthday celebration for Havi at the house. (Remember I mentioned we would be celebrating twice?)  Patrick and I worked together to cook up a yummy mini feast.  I will be sure to share about it here once I catch a free moment.  

Well, we are headed to see the Mouse today, as I mentioned before.  No doubt, some fun will be had today! 
TTFN, as Tigger would say!  Ta Ta For Now!

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Deb Monday, December 02, 2013  

Love these photos! We all had such a wonderful time together. So thankful to spend the holiday and weekend with you all. I know Leah and Josh certainly enjoyed their time with their cousins.

Cheri Monday, December 02, 2013  

Beautiful photos. You guys sure visit the Mouse a lot. I've never visited one single time. I don't think I'm that brave. I feel a bit overwhelmed with that huge place.



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