Time for the county fair!


Well, we waited until the last possible day to hit the county fair, but we are sure glad we didn't miss it.  
Caleb and Madeline couldn't wait to ride the motorcycles.  
They go around in a circle, and the front end goes up and down.
You see that big, beaming smile on Havi's face?  It was short-lived.  She hated the ride and cried.  Madeline and Caleb, however, could've ridden it all night.
Hindsight is 20/20.  But we probably should've gone with the simple cars that only go around.  
Duh.  Thankfully, her first ride experience didn't dampen the night.
Despite the look on Havi's face, they all enjoyed the slide.
Madeline, of course, had to ride the rollercoaster.  She had a blast and met a nice girl, Araya...whose middle name is Sunshine.  Now, how beautiful of a name is that?  Araya Sunshine.
Havi was too little to ride the train without an adult.  So I hopped on for a ride.  We have to do something about this big fake smile she's starting to sport.  lol  Oh sweet girl.
As you can see, Caleb was a good sport about riding the swings with his sister, but he could really do without the ride.  She doesn't look too thrilled in this shot, but trust me, she loved it.
The dumplings played a few games and won some prizes.  Caleb actually won by tossing baseballs into small openings.  The boy still has it in him.  Even the fair worker was impressed.  And when one of the three prizes went missing later in the night, Caleb gave his up to Havi...no prompting.  Can you believe the heart of this boy?  He just melts me.
That would be the moon in the shot above.  It was big and round that night.
Well, I'm so happy that our county puts on this fair.  For starters the weather in November is just awesome.  And it's so affordable with unlimited rides wristbands.  I remember going to the county fair as a child only a few times because there was admission into the park plus tickets for the rides, and we just couldn't afford it.  I'm happy that we can make these memories with/for our children.  They always declare what an awesome time they had, and the smiles on their faces reflect that.

Well, tomorrow we celebrate a special little girl's 2nd birthday.  This is a new one for us because we have yet to celebrate one of our children's second birthday with them.  We accepted Caleb's referral when he was 2 1/2 years old, and Madeline turned 2 while we were waiting to bring her home.  We actually plan to celebrate twice, both this weekend and next.  I will make strawberry cupcakes (because that's what Baba wants) and bring them to my sister's place because Caleb is playing in a tennis tournament over in her neck of the woods.  We actually already gave her present to her, which is an adorable "pre" balance bike, which she loves and can't get enough of.  Anyway, I'm sure I'll have photos to share from this weekend's festivities.  Hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend.

And Happy 2nd Birthday Havalah Xue!!!!
We love you like crazycakes!!!!

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lisacng @ expandng.com Friday, November 22, 2013  

Poor Havi not liking that first ride but glad it didn't dampen the rest of the night! She's a tough cookie :). Happy 2nd birthday to her, hope you all enjoy the celebration!

Grandma (Bammy) Friday, November 22, 2013  

Happy Birthday Havi!!! You should get your card soon -
A big box is arriving soon for the holidays...
and there is something inside for your Birthday and Christmas!!

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 Saturday, November 23, 2013  

Oooh!! Fair shots… my favorites! :-) I've driven 2 hours (each way) a couple times, just to go take pictures at our state fair - lol! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. I'm missing summer already. It's starting to get cold here, and your beautiful shots brought back some great summer memories. Gorgeous pictures as always…. and BEAUTIFUL children!! xoxo

Jancy Peter Monday, November 25, 2013  

Happy Birthday sweet girl! I am so glad you are able to enjoy her turning 2. The fair looked like fun. We haven't taken the kids yet because we didn't think there would be enough rides to go on for the kids. Next time.

Kim Cunningham Tuesday, November 26, 2013  

These are so fun! And you are such a cutie!

Deb Wednesday, November 27, 2013  

That Fun Slide brings back so many memories. Your kiddos will cherish these times for the rest of their lives. Would you believe that Josh is still singing Happy Birthday to Havi?!


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