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This week the dumplings had a couple of opportunities to dress up and indulge in some candy eating.  Madeline's dance class had the chance to dress up during class this week.  I'm so glad they let us back there to snap a group photo.  Although she's partially hidden by sweet little pirate in front, you can see that she is a...drumroll please... Flamenco dancer.
I used McCalls 6418 to make the dress.
It really came together easily, although I didn't care for the zipper instructions.  So I just inserted it the way I wanted to.  It has three gathered layers for a lot of twirl power.  Gosh, I do love to sew for her.

Okay, back to the festivities...both kids had the opportunity to fill their bags with candy at our church's trunk or treat.  Caleb wanted to be an astronaut this year.  He loves to study science, so I'm not at all surprised by his costume choice.
Since it takes a long time to make your way through the line of trunks, we brought the stroller along.  Madeline was so funny getting her dress pulled up so she could sit comfortably. She's wearing six yards of fabric!
Madeline graciously let her brother rest in the stroller at times.  He's not a big gum chewer, but he thought he might chew some while he was waiting to move on to the next car.
Lollilops, of course, are never far from Madeline's mouth.  

Another favorite around these parts are Starbursts.  So we had some pretty happy kids.
And then after all the trunk or treating was over, the kids hit the bounce houses.  We actually packed a change of clothes for Madeline in case she couldn't bounce in her dress, but she did a fabulous job holding it up.  No wardrobe change was necessary.

Then it was time to head home.

And dig through each others bags at least one more time, looking for pieces to trade.

And there she goes again with another lollipop and her "I'm gonna look at my brother and pose" pose.

On Halloween night, we headed over to our friends' neighborhood to trick or treat with them.  This is how they passed out candy.
And here's our little candy eating crew.  The three big kids headed one way and the four little ones another.
The kids had a great time going door to door.  While a lot of people sat on their front porches passing candy out, some of them stayed inside and waited for little ones to ring the bell or knock. Well, Miss Madeline was so very eager to ring that bell.  She was too funny.

For more fun photos, stop by Lisa's blog.
Have a great weekend!!!
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9 sweet words:

MG Atwood Friday, November 02, 2012  

Great photos! Such darling kids, and nice job on the dress! Happy weekend to you.

Ruthie Friday, November 02, 2012  

These photos are great! so fun!

Deb Friday, November 02, 2012  

I've been waiting to see these photos and I am never disappointed. Love them!!!

lisacng @ Friday, November 02, 2012  

You did an AMAZING job on that flamenco dress!!!!!!! Are you going to shorten it so she can wear it again? Or keep it long for other occasions/dress-up? Did you make Caleb's too? Looks quality! Love the photo of her trying to wrangle 6 yrds of fabric! And the shots of and through the colored net of the bounce house. Love the dappled colors around Madeline's face.

Stephanie Saturday, November 03, 2012  

You are sooooo talented! Her dress is BEAUTIFUL! Twirl power is so important in a dress, isn't it? :)
Adorable pics!

Grandma (Bammy) Saturday, November 03, 2012  

wow- the children look so wonderful in their costumes!! What a great dress for Madeline - super job, Mom!! Kids love to dress up......great shots!
Lots of love from their

barbara Monday, November 05, 2012  

what a great costume/dress! Well done! I've just started sowing... hope I can pull that off one day!

Kim C. Tuesday, November 13, 2012  

Awesome costumes! You re impressive, truly!

Living Out His Love Saturday, November 17, 2012  

What a beautiful costume Eva! I wish I cared for sewing, but it's just too tedious for me. You did an absolutely wonderful job and your dumplings are precious, as always!


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