An afternoon with the Mouse


I apologize for the lack of blogging/photos lately.  We have been busy with schooling, therapy, baseball, and dance.  

Oh, and I spent the last two weeks sewing Madeline's Halloween costume....just 6 yards of fabric worth.

  Unlike last year when I waited two weeks before the big day to begin sewing costumes for both kids, I decided to get a head start.  And because of that head start Miss Madeline got to pick a pattern that called for cutting and sewing lots o' fabric.  I still have a few minor bits to hand sew, but it's about 98% done.  And she wore it on and off all weekend.  There's so much fabric that she can't put it on by herself. So she's pretty stinkin' cute marching over to me with this big costume and asking me to help with it.  Well, I'm sorry to say that I won't be sharing any photos until closer to Halloween.  I'll be keeping you all in suspense. Ha ha.

So, back to what else we've been up to.  Since we live a reasonable drive from the Big Mouse, we try to go whenever we can...when it's not unbearable hot or crowded.  So last Sunday (as in, not yesterday...yep, I'm slacking), we headed over there after church.  We only have one stroller.  So here's Caleb convincing Madeline that they can take turns riding in it.

We ended up just renting an extra stroller for him.  We hit up Dumbo, which there are now two of since they're expanding Fantasy Land.  And they did something a bit creative with the wait.  Instead of waiting in the hot sun for 60 minutes, they have an air-conditioned indoor play area to wait in!  You are given a pager when you enter, and when your pager goes off, you get in line.  That's a swell idea....if you're not stuck wearing your prescription sunglasses inside and can hardly see your kids climbing on big apparatuses higher than your head and you're all alone because your hubby is waiting outside. So, of course, after I track down Patrick, our pager goes off! Oh well.
We do spend a fair amount of time in Tomorrow Land, taking in the usual sights, like Buzz Lightyear (hooray for a Fastpass)...

...and the raceway...
...and the People Mover.
And since Patrick had never been on the Carousel of Progress, I thought we should go, as we had a few more minutes until we could use our Buzz Fastpasses.  I hadn't seen that show in over 25 years.  It was pretty funny to see how they updated the "Modern Era".  Crazy how times change.  We really enjoyed it.

Then we took in a little afternoon ice cream treat prior to hitting The Barnstormer.

Now Caleb had ridden it twice before, and let's just say it was not a winner.  But being that he's gotten older since he last tried it, and Madeline has gone on two kiddie roller coasters, we thought we'd all try to ride together.  Well, this time it was a winner with Caleb.  He loved it so much, he wanted to go on a second time! And Madeline?  It had her at Hello.  She laughed and copied me as I raised my hands in the air.  It was hilarious!
After the Barnstormer, we headed over to the Winnie-the-Pooh ride.  The kids love to play while they wait.

There's always time to act like lions!
..and play with gophers...
...or bees...
And when there's nothing to play with, you play with Baba's phone..
...until it's time to ride.
Well, like I said, we didn't stay all day.  We headed out just before dinner.  There's a great little Asian diner, Pei Wei, on our way home.  It's fresh, delicious Asian fast food, and it's always a winner.

Well, now that the weather is cooler, we'll be spending some more time in that neck of the woods.  We'll be heading back there in just a few short weeks to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary.  Yup.  My better half and I will be celebrating the big day family style.  And we love it.

I'm gonna try my best to catch up with the blog here in the next week.  I've got lots to talk about and some old photos I want to share.  Thanks for stopping by!

6 sweet words:

Cheri Monday, October 01, 2012  

You did a great job avoiding lots of people in the background at such a busy place. Looks like fun.

Stephanie Monday, October 01, 2012  

What a fun Sunday afternoon! (Early congrats on TEN YEARS!)

Kim Cunningham Monday, October 01, 2012  

I can't wait to see your costumes! So impressed that you can make them. I never learned to see, so I am in awe of those who can. Looks like a fun time at WDW. We plan to be there in Feb.

Deb Monday, October 01, 2012  

Does your family anniversary celebration include me? *wink* fabulous photos and yes, props to you on capturing the day without the crowds in your background. Happy 10th Eva and Patrick! Love you guys!

Nancy Tuesday, October 02, 2012  

SOOO jealous that you get to see the mouse! Every couple years we start jones-ing to see the mouse. And we're now going on 2 1/2 years so I need a fix.
Wonderful story-telling! Miss you at class.

lisacng @ Thursday, October 04, 2012  

You are such a tease with the Halloween costume!! Have you spent equal amount of time on Caleb's costume too? I love how Caleb is negotiating and counting reasons with his sister on the stroller-time. Haha! "Big Mouse" like Disneyland, or is it the same thing, and you just use a different phrase? So cool that you have an AC area to wait, with a pager. Sounds great, unless your kid (or MY kid) loves the play area so much that he doesn't want to leave it to get on the actual ride ;). Seemed like a fun day, and no harsh sun! Yay for photos! I love the one of you + kiddies! Great smiles from all! And I love that both kids ended up with multiple stickers on their shirts by the end of the day. DIY Disney gear, haha!


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