What a girl wants...and what she doesn't


Part 1: what a girl doesn't want- paperwork!

I have been dreading it since we decided to move forward with our third adoption.  And now we are knee deep in it.  On Monday, we submitted our I-800A to immigration. (Any personal info in these images that wasn't already blurred from a shallow depth of field was blurred by me.)

We've also sent off our state issued documents (birth certificates and marriage license) for state seals (in three different states.)  Actually, during my attempt to do the above, I discovered that my birth certificate has been misplaced.  Yes, you read that right.  Oh I have several photocopies, one of which was sent to immigration.  But the originals are MIA- missing in action. So I had to get on the phone with the Alabama department of health to get one expedited and sealed.  It should arrive today.  Hopefully.  That paperwork headache is enough for now. Thank.you.very.much!

Part 2: What a girl wants- glittery nail polish

This would be Madeline.

For the last few weeks, she has been begging me for some glittery nail polish, so much so that it was the first thing that left her lips in the morning.  Seriously.  So one day, I finally decided I had enough of the pleading and followed through with my promise.

We headed to the local drugstore. And since I knew that this adventure was a long time coming, I thought I would bring my big girl camera. Naturally, Caleb was inclined to bring his also.  I actually snapped this photo of Caleb photographing Madeline while I was still sitting in the driver seat.  I just aimed in his general direction and hoped to get him in focus.  Good enough!
He was totally impressed by the big wheeler delivering some soda and wanted to take the driver's photo. I couldn't resist photographing him doing so...only as soon as I pressed the shutter, he turned around and snapped me!  We got a bunch of laughs at this!
So, into the store we went, complete with chapstick on and purse in tow.
Since I have been purchasing Essie lately, I found a glittery nail polish that I wouldn't mind wearing also- Set in stones.  
It was love at first sight!

She also insisted she needed  a new nail file.  Funny girl.
She just couldn't get enough of looking at the polish and kept asking me to buy a few more bottles.  I stuck to my word and got just one.
Later on, I gave her a pedicure.  Well, not really a pedicure.  I just painted her piggies.  Nothing fancy.  That's Essie's Meet me at sunset with Set in stones on top.  She was in heaven!

And I have some great news about Gina. When she learned that she was moving to the palliative care unit at MD Anderson, and that's where she'd stay, she said it was not an option.  She wanted to come back to Florida. The only problem was the level of oxygen she was requiring was forcing her to remain in Houston.  Well, by the grace of God, her levels got to a point that she could be flown back "home."  She is now back in Orlando at a hospice center.  I can't wait to go visit!  I want to thank all of you who have continued to pray for Gina and her family.  I can't tell you how much that means to them and to me!

7 sweet words:

Cheri Thursday, June 28, 2012  

Congrats on the paperwork! And the cute piggies. How sweet.

My heart aches for Gina. I know my grief is mere pittance compared to yours. Trust and peace. My aunt Penney passed away last week. So thankful Jordan and I got to visit. Sweet memories.

Stephanie Thursday, June 28, 2012  

Still praying for Gina and everyone involved. Happy to hear that she could be flown back to Florida and that you'll be able to visit!
As for your dear daughter...can Miss E hang out with her sometime? They'd have fun for sure. :)

Deb Friday, June 29, 2012  

Your little girl is all glam!! I love it!

Thanks again, for updating on Gina. Yes, it is such a praise that she was able to leave Houston to be closer to family and friends. He is listening. Love you!

Kim Cunningham Friday, June 29, 2012  

I love these! You son is cracking me up with camera! Love his pose. Of course, I love the girls girl stuff going on here too. Glitter polish is fun!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography Friday, June 29, 2012  

First- so good to have good news on Gina.

Love the images- that is awesome that your son likes to take pictures too. All my kids have point & shoot cameras. I thought of giving them my old camera but for now it's my backup- so I am not willing to give it up yet. :) (loving the Essie polish too- it's my fav, they have the best colors)

Fliss and Mike Adventures Saturday, June 30, 2012  

They are growing so fast... so good to see the kids again... love and loved watching your family grow... hugs.

lisacng Wednesday, July 04, 2012  

What camera you give Caleb to use? It looks nicer than mine ;). I've heard stores have great even light for photos! Hope you were able to enjoy some time with Gina.


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