Sunday Snapshot: Is there a thing as too much fun?


I'll answer my own question....NOPE!

That's exactly what we had last weekend.  Yep, I'm late as usual.  Last weekend was Opening Day for Spring Ball where we live.  What does that mean?  A fun parade full of tee ball, baseball, and softball teams walked down the street, past our house, to the ball fields.  Then it was bounce houses, competitions, hot dogs and soda.  It was great fun to see all the teams together.

This spring Caleb happens to be on the coach pitch Phillies.  Yep, same name as his spring tee ball team last year.

He has the same coach from the fall, and a few players from that team are also on his spring team.

This year he participated in some of the competitions.  He had fun with a few of his teammates and reconnected with a player that was on his first ever tee ball team (the boy in green below.)

Then, if that wasn't enough, the following day we headed over to Epcot for lunch with the princesses.  Patrick originally took off work for Madeline's birthday, so we can all go to Disney together (like we usually do for birthdays.)  Anyway, since it's still unclear whether or not he will have that day off, we decided to be sure Madeline got her birthday lunch with the we did it a few weeks early.

Madeline was very friendly with all the princesses.  
She talked to Belle a lot.

Caleb was so cute.  The princesses would often call him over and say hello.  He would just get so shy.

After lunch, we headed over to China to let the kids pick out a gift.  We let them do that in January for Caleb's birthday.  Since it was Madeline's birthday, she got two gifts.  

I picked out this Uighur princess hat.

And she picked out a purse, which has gone everywhere with her this week.

Caleb picked out a diabolo (Chinese yo yo).  The two of them have had so much fun with it!

As you can see, the kids have had a lot going on lately...and a lot of fun, too. Baseball is in full swing now. So we are down at the fields three days a week. 
 Add to that Madeline's day of dance...and that means lots of busy afternoons. But oh, are they worth  it!

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Sunday Snapshot

7 sweet words:

Mom2Six Sunday, March 04, 2012  

Love the pix with her hand on her hips! What a 'tude!

trina Sunday, March 04, 2012  

Your pictures are so vibrant. And the models are adorable,too. :)

Christine Sunday, March 04, 2012  

I love your photos too...and would love to know what kind of camera you use! Beautiful family!

Deb Sunday, March 04, 2012  

So happy to see my handsome newphew in his handsome uniform!

And my sweet, Madeline makes a beautiful princess. Can't wait to see you guys in a couple of days.

funks Monday, March 05, 2012  

Your pictures are amazing! Good job!

Stephanie Monday, March 05, 2012  

How fun to live close enough to Disney to just bop over for birthdays!!

Grandma (Bammy) Monday, March 19, 2012  

I enjoy seeing your beautiful faces on the computer - would love to see you soon......miss you both soooooooooooo much!!!!!


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