Hey #9


"Great hit!"

"Awesome catch!"

"Way to hustle!"

These types of comments were bestowed on #9 of the Phillies at last night's baseball game..  Who's #9, you might ask?  None other than our precious Caleb.
And the end result?

A game ball!

Now, game balls aren't necessarily given to the player who has the best hits, or makes the most outs.  Sometimes they're given to the player who tries his best.
But you know something?  Caleb demonstrated all of the above.

I knew he was going to have a good game when, during his first at bat, he swung at the first pitch and nailed it into center field.  His best hit ever!  And it only continued.  

He hit the ball hard during every at bat.
He outran fielders trying to make the tag on him.  Nope. Safe.
And then, when he was playing first base, he made all three outs in the inning.  That pretty much sealed the deal.  His first out was a short hit down the first base line.  He retrieved it, stepped on the bag.  Next out was a nice throw from the pitcher.  Third out- a high fly ball!

Caleb had the game of his life.  And the whole time, he wore a smile on his face.  Seriously.  He never stopped smiling.  One of the moms told me that he is such a joy to watch because he's always so happy.  I think I grew about 10 inches then.

Once the game was over, there were a lot of players complementing him on earning the game ball.  Caleb just smiled and said thanks.  But Patrick still had a chat with him afterwards about the importance of remaining humble.

When I was chatting with him about all that happened during the game, he said something that made me put the brakes on.  He started telling me about the fly ball he caught and said something about how he didn't think he was going to catch it.  I quickly stopped him and said, "Caleb, don't ever say you don't think you can do something.  Don't put bad thoughts in your mind like that.  Remember you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you."  It just about broke my heart that he didn't think he could catch that ball.

Anyway, Patrick and I (and Bei Bei too) are just so proud of him.  I wish had photos or video to share, but I didn't bring my camera.  And Bei Bei had me busy in the stands so I couldn't whip out my phone for a video.  You'll just have to trust me when I say Caleb had a great night at the ball field.

We love you, Caleb!

Way to go, #9!

5 sweet words:

Mom2Six Tuesday, March 06, 2012  

Yea! Caleb. Way to go. I hope to see one of your games soon.

Cheri Tuesday, March 06, 2012  

Good job, Caleb! I absolutely love watching our children play sports or participate in some activity. I love seeing a satisfying look on their face that they've succeeded at something. I love those pics from the previous post. Such beautiful children. Madeline looks so much like Joy when she is cranky. Too cute!

Stephanie Tuesday, March 06, 2012  

Good job, #9!! What a fun game and a neat memory.

Deb Tuesday, March 06, 2012  

I can just see that pecious smile on Caleb's face. I love that newphew of mine. Way to go, Caleb!!!

Grandma (Bammy) Monday, March 19, 2012  

Wow - you are the Best ball player ever !!!!!!!!!!!! Way to go, Caleb! I can't wait to see you play in person.....miss you lots and lots and love you lots and lots


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