A lesson or two


Call me a bad mama, I didn't take any {GASP} photos of the kidlets on Easter. Yup. Very bad. However, Patrick did manage a little video (a la iPhone) during our little Easter Egg hunt Sunday morning.

If you listen in closely in the beginning, you can hear Caleb explaining the concept of camouflage. Just precious, if you ask me.  You can also see how patience is something Madeline is still working on.

Next up....I thought I heard some chatter behind me this afternoon, as I was trying to get some work done on the computer. I turned around and this is what I saw. Be sure to turn your volume WAY UP because, otherwise, it's hard to hear.

In case you're wondering, there was no real sentence on the board. Caleb was just making it up. How stinkin' cute is that?! It seems his grammar is sticking. Love this boy!

2 sweet words:

Fliss and Mike Adventures Sunday, May 01, 2011  

I just love those kids... need to catch up again... Shauna had fun getting the eggs :)

Patrick Monday, May 09, 2011  

Since I don't go on facebook, Happy Birthday to the best wife, mom and home school teacher in the world!! I love you. your dear husband


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And now we wait to bring Havi home from China.

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