He finally did it!


Caleb loves to play baseball in the front yard with a tennis ball and his aluminum bat. He's a great hitter. We put 4 pavers in the shape of a diamond in the front yard. He stands at "home plate" on our property line to the north of the house. He hits the ball well across the front yard (which is 100 ft across.) Several times he has hit the ball on to the roof of the house. But because of the pitch, it has come back down to the front yard. I told him that one day, he'll surely hit the ball over the house and into the side yard. Well, today was that day! I gave him a nice pitch to hit (which is a rarity). And Patrick was actually home from work but on his cell phone in the front yard. So we all got to witness this incredible triumph. We are so proud of him. And just two pitches before that....well, he hit a line drive right into my forehead! I didn't even have a glove on because I had just taken a quick break from sewing. So I was pretty defenseless with that hit. Needless to say, I STILL have a headache. And that was over 3 hours ago. Oh well. He's excited to play T-ball this fall. He should move up quickly to coach pitch. But he might be required to play a spring season of T-ball before they move him up. I guess we'll actually have to make him practice hitting the ball off the tee. Watch out, A-Rod. You've got some competition on the rise.

On the paperchase front, I got word yesterday from our Ch*in@ coordinator that our documents were in fact dropped off at the consulate. So our Article 5 should be ready for pickup on May 31st. We're still hopeful for TA the 3rd week of June, with travel 1.5 weeks later.

Oh, for those of you interested in my sewing projects....I finished up that Patty Young pattern. It is soooo precious. I can't wait for Leah to try it on next weekend. And I'm finishing up my first pair of double ruffle pants. Too too cute. If you're not in to college football, you might not appreciate the fabric, though. Leah will be more than happy to sport those too next time. Stay tuned.

2 sweet words:

Deb Tuesday, May 18, 2010  

I'm so proud of my nephew! Can't wait until next weekend for Leah to try on the pants.

Jancy Friday, May 28, 2010  

Yeah Caleb!


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And now we wait to bring Havi home from China.

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