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Yesterday I put in a call to our agency as I was seeing that other transfer families who frequent the Rumor Queen forum (RQ), were getting their new LIDs. I had just learned myself that C*A* would not notify families of their new LID but that agencies had to inquire. I thought I would be sharing new information about the process with our agency....but nope....they already knew that. *sigh*

At the very least, our agency said they would have our in-China rep contact C*A* again to find out the latest on our case. Well, I got word from our agency today that they contacted C*A* last night and was told we would have to wait another week before we got our new LID. Before our dossier can be reviewed and approved (LOA), we must have a new LID. So we continue to wait....

I am hopefuly we'll have a new LID next week. If that is the case, our travel is looking a lot more like June or July. And although I would love to travel as soon as possible to bring our daughter home, God has given me a peace about the whole thing. It would've been nice to travel in the spring but the summer would be great, too. In the meantime, our love just continues to grow for our precious girl.

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This blog is a place where we have shared our lives with family and friends while we waited to bring our daughter, Madeline, home from China and while we actually traveled to China for her. It is also a place where we will continue to share our life experiences, as we try to glorify God and raise our two precious dumplings from China.

And now we wait to bring Havi home from China.

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