Weekend getaway with Miss Peggy


Last weekend we had the chance to slip out of town for a little camping adventure with Miss Peggy.  
 We left later than we wanted to and had to deal with a storm and nightfall as we approached the campground.
 That's actually Patrick's bike attached to a hitch on the front of the truck, since we were towing Miss Peggy in the back.  I'm thankful for amazing friends who were willing to stand in the rain to help Patrick back up and set up the site while we waited in the truck.  Good friends, I tell ya...good friends.

Anyway, we actually camped at a private campground at a resort.  We had never done that before since we usually stay at state or county parks.  This resort included many outdoor activities like horseback riding, air boat rides, and swamp buggy rides.  While we didn't do any of those activities, we did venture over to the petting farm.  The kids had a blast.
 Havi loved trying to feed the ponies and even got right up in their faces.
 We went swimming every day, and boy was that necessary.  It was hot as blazes out there, and cooling off was a must.  One of the oldest kids in our 11 kid camping crew celebrated his birthday.  So all the kids got to enjoy some delicious cupcakes.
 There was a little catch and release pond to fish at.  So we slathered on the sunscreen and stayed out there long enough to justify the sunscreen application.  Then we headed back to our campsites, taking the scenic route and checking out some of the longhorns on the ranch.
 Saturday night at the ranch is a good old fashioned rodeo.  All the locals descend on the place.  As a child I had been to several rodeos, so it was not new to me.  However, it was the first rodeo for all the dumplings.  Caleb really enjoyed it.  Madeline couldn't wait to leave.
 We're such a large group (11 kids and 6 grown ups) that we had to spread out over several rows of bleachers to sit near each other.
 I think it's safe to say that the bull riding was our favorite event.  Caleb was impressed that two of the cowgirls that had entered the rodeo were only eight and eleven years old.  Impressive indeed.

Our last day we kept things low key as we had to pack up and head home.  The kids had a blast playing with the bubbles, in addition to riding their bikes around the camp loop.
 Then it was one last trip to the petting farm.
 Upon our return home, we had a new "family member" waiting for us.  Meet "Charlie", Peggy's main squeeze.  Patrick likes to say that Peggy married up because he's a motorhome, and Peggy is not.  We knew that it was just a matter of time, though, before something like Charlie came rolling into our lives. 
 Later that evening I stepped outside to admire the setting sun in all its glory.  Havi joined me, sans clothes. 
 I made Caleb and Madeline come outside to watch the sun set, even if it was just for a few moments.  I had wanted to snap a quick photo of all three of them with Charlie, to make him feel welcomed, you know.  But Havi wasn't interested.  She was too busy capturing the sunset.
 We had a great weekend camping.  In fact, the next few camping trips are already being planned!  We love being outdoors and enjoy just hanging out with our friends.  And the kids really enjoy each other too.  It's such a blessing.

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July.  
We have some exciting things planned with some very special out of town visitors!

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