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2014 started off quickly for Caleb with a tennis tournament the very first weekend in January.  Then he "took a week off" for his birthday camping trip.  The following weekend he was supposed to play in a local tournament, but unfortunately, it was canceled.  He was soooo bummed.  Fast forward to the following weekend (two weekends ago), and he was supposed to play in another tournament not too far from where we live.  Unfortunately, only two other boys signed up for his division.  So the tournament director wanted cancel it and move the boys up to the U12.  Well, I didn't get the message until it was too late.  He posted the draw without Caleb (because he never gave me a chance to return his call....grrrr).  I was so upset.  Patrick was too.  And Caleb was so disappointed.  

Fortunately, the next day I realized that Caleb could still play in a tournament in the Orlando area with the boys U12s green dot, the ball he typically plays with in touranments.  To say that Caleb was relieved when I told him I could sign him up would be an understatement.   "Finally, I can play!!!"  He had missed two weekends in a row of tournament play and was itching to get back out there and play some matches.  And that he did!

All the boys he played were 12 years old.....and a head taller.  And he took second place!!!  

 You see the tall kid on the left with the trophy?  Well, Caleb had a pretty hard match against him when they played back in December.  He was completely intimidated by his size.  Can you blame him?  But the great thing about this tournament is that Caleb took 2 games from him.  The boy and his mom were a bit shocked at Caleb's comeback this time around, even if he didn't win the match. And you know what Caleb told me afterwards?  The boy wasn't as tall as he remembered him being!  How's that for not being intimated the second time around?!  You go, Caleb!
 Fortunately my sister and Andy were able to come with the kids to watch Caleb play.  So the cousins got to hang out together.  And I got to pester her to snap a family photo.  (See Havi's blue mouth?  That girl loves her Gatorade. lol)

I wanted to get a photo of Caleb with the toddlers.  So he squatted down to be closer to them.  They did the same.  Oh well. 

So fast forward again, to this past weekend.  Caleb had the opportunity to play in a local tournament.  Before the matches got underway, though, he was handed a trophy for being the top finisher for last season's series!  Nothing like being handed a trophy before beginning another tournament to boost your confidence.
 Normally the boys and girls play separately, but the number of players participating was low.  So they combined the groups, and boys and girls played each other.
 Caleb played really well, won all his matches, and took first place!  I love his little bashful smile.
He is such a joy to watch.  He has such a great attitude out there, makes me proud.  He has this weekend off from tournament play, which is a good thing because his achilles tendon has been bothering him.  He's really been trying to stay off his feet and take it easy, and last weeks's rain was good for that.  Hopefully these next two weeks will give him the time he needs to get back to 100%.  He's got another tournament next weekend that is local, which he has really been looking forward to.

One of the things that Caleb has been doing a lot of lately has been hitting around with Madeline! Yep.  She has a renewed interest in tennis.  She took two lessons with Caleb last July and decided tennis wasn't for her.  And I can't blame her.  She didn't quite have the eye/hand coordination yet.  But she has really come a long way with that and can hit back and forth with him in the cul-de-sac.  And not only that but she's really moving to the ball and tracking it.  I'm so proud of her too.  We just might have two little tennis players in the family.  One of the instructors at the courts where Caleb plays was watching Madeline the other day and said she would do well in her clinic.  So some time this spring, we will sign her up.  She's so excited.  Maybe this mama needs a lesson or two so she can keep up with her dumplings!

5 sweet words:

Grandma (Bammy) Tuesday, February 04, 2014  

Such excitement going on!! Look at the beautiful children enjoying their life in Florida!! Can't wait to see them soon!

Deb Tuesday, February 04, 2014  

Way to go, Caleb! It was so fun to watch you play. I am so glad we get the opportunity. And yes, Caleb's smile never leaves his face, win or lose. I love that about him. Can't wait to see you guys!

michele Saturday, February 15, 2014  

Way to go Caleb!!! You rock! Can't wait to see you play. Be there soon!!
Love you!!!

Skeller Monday, February 17, 2014  

Congrats to Caleb and all of you. It's so awesome to see passion, hard work, and great attitude pay off!

Jancy Peter Monday, March 17, 2014  

What a great family shot Deb! Way to go Caleb! You have done so well so fast. Keep it up.


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