Her maiden voyage


She made her maiden voyage this weekend.  That would be Miss Peggy I'm talkin' 'bout.  That's the name Patrick and I agreed upon for our sweet new travel trailer.  We thought we'd get input from the kids, but they came up with pretty modern names.  Nope. Not gonna cut it.  So Miss Peggy it is.
 We are so thankful that our driveway is long enough that we can back her and the truck up to the house.  And not only that, but we can pull right out and around our cul-de-sac without having to back up at all.  Sah-weet.

So we took her up the road to a local park located on the beach.  After getting settled between our two friends' campsites, the kids did a little chillin' inside.
 You see that iPad there?  It's only allowed for special night time movies.  Yep.  It's our trailer, so we make the rules. Hee hee.
 Thankfully we have two sets of bunkbeds so there's no arguing over who gets to sleep in the top bunk. lol

The first night went well.  Havi woke up crying.  And since we didn't want her to wake Caleb and Madeline, who were sleeping right near her, we put her with us.  That was cozy.

Next morning, the kids did a craft with our friend Lisa.  Havi was too little to participate in the craft but couldn't be left alone inside the trailer during the activity.  She was not too pleased.
 Then it was time to head over to the beach...as in walk about 50 feet from our trailers and into the soft sand.  Um, hello.  Can't get much betta than that.  Havi insisted on helping me carry something.  I gave her pringles and a blanket.
 Oh, those pringles were something special.  They often fell out, and she popped them right back in.  Sand is a flavor, you know.
 All the kids had fun playing in the sand and boogie boarding.  And the mommies and daddies had a great time relaxing.  It was such a great afternoon.

Then we had to head out to a tennis tournament that night.  I was annoyed that they didn't give them enough courts to play on.  So they could only play doubles.  Nonetheless, Caleb played well and won both doubles matches.
 Madeline and Havi were pretty good sports during the matches.  They had no playground to run around on.  So instead they ran around the bathroom and office.
 Madeline can't resist picking flowers.  And no matter where she ran, Havi was sure to follow.
That wraps up our first night and day camping in Miss Peggy.  I have a bunch more photos to share from the rest of our weekend....more tennis, more beach, s'mores, and a special walk.

9 sweet words:

Cheri Tuesday, October 08, 2013  

Wow. I'm glad I have a place to stay when I come visit...right on the beach! I've always loved camping. The husband? Not so much. Enjoy!

June K Tuesday, October 08, 2013  

Looks like so much fun. The kids look SO happy playing and running around. These photos are really heartwarming. TFS.

Toni Tuesday, October 08, 2013  

Mike is green with envy! He wants an RV so bad;)

Deb Tuesday, October 08, 2013  

I've been waiting to see these photos! I know that you guys had such a super time. Fingers crossed that we can join you at the same site in the future. Looking forward to seeing more photos from you trip! And yes, sand is definitely a flavor!

lisacng @ expandng.com Tuesday, October 08, 2013  

What beautiful wide shots of the kids in the ocean!

Grandma (Bammy) Wednesday, October 09, 2013  

Hope this is just the beginning of some beautiful travels!!!
So happy you are all enjoying yourselves!!!
Looks like so much fun!!!
Lots of love

Kim Cunningham Wednesday, October 09, 2013  

How fun! Seems like loads of memories will be made in Miss Piggy! The kids will grow up with, "remember that time we took Miss Piggy to...." Love these images!

Jancy Peter Wednesday, October 16, 2013  

Miss Piggy is a wonderful name! The pictures look like you guys had a blast. I can't show these to Adrian he has been wanting to buy a travel trailer. It does save on hotel money though. Something to think about.

Skeller Friday, October 25, 2013  

Eva!!! Miss Peggy!!! I'm utterly delighted for your family!!! Let the good times roll :-).


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