Our camping trip- Part 1


We really enjoyed our time camping last weekend.  It was so much fun to stay at one of our beautiful state parks with our dear friends.  We did a lot of chillaxin' both inside the campers and outdoors.  I loved sleeping right in the middle of nature...walking outside and straight to the water's edge.  It was just so peaceful, something we could get used to.

Anyway, the first morning we woke up at sunrise.  So I quickly grabbed my camera to capture the moment.
Since we were staying pretty close to home, our friends' kids went to their gymnastics and soccer camps, and Patrick went to work.  I decided to take the dumplings down to the water by myself.
Once everybody returned back to the campsite, the kids went right to playing.  They often went down to the water to walk along the rocks.
We grilled out for dinner and cooled off with some tasty watermelon.
Then after dinner, we went back down to the water to watch the dolphins and sunset and to throw skip rocks.
We had a fantastic first night camping/glamping.  Havi did extremely well. A few months ago when our friends asked us if we'd be interested in joining them, I was concerned that Havi might not do well.  I was preparing for a very difficult transition home and was afraid to commit.  But Havi didn't bat an eyelash.  She had a blast and slept and ate well.  I was relieved.  Caleb and Madeline thoroughly enjoyed themselves too.  The heat and the bugs didn't bother them nearly as much as I thought they would.  Yay.  I do have a few photos I took from our second day, but I figure this is enough photo overload.

We are headed to Deb and Andy's today to celebrate our niece and nephew's birthdays.  The dumplings are excited to see their cousins.  Then tomorrow we are going to have Havi dedicated at our church.  So we have a busy weekend.  But it's all good.  Hope you all enjoy your weekend too!

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June K Saturday, August 10, 2013  

Thanks so much for sharing. I'm so glad Havi had no problems with camping. She seems to be adjusting so well. I follow your sister's creative blog. I'm so glad she led me to your blog.

Anonymous Saturday, August 10, 2013  

Looks like a great trip. Hope you have many more. If you do campfires, might consider the IncinerGrate from FIREase. Great new product for easy campfires.

Grandma (Bammy) Saturday, August 10, 2013  

Camping out-how fun!!!
Maggie is getting so grown up already and the boys too!!!

Deb Saturday, August 10, 2013  

You know that we had a blast at the party. Thanks so much for all that you did to capture it. Those glamping pics are so fun. What beautiful memories! Love ya!

likeschocolate Wednesday, August 14, 2013  

Looks like everyone had a blast. The location looks so familar!


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And now we wait to bring Havi home from China.

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