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Last post I left off with us hanging out in the hotel room for a bit before we left for the airport.  We checked out of the hotel and headed to the airport at 10pm.  It was a quick 30 minute drive.  However, it took a while to get us all checked in because of Havi's immigration status.  At that point, we had an extremely tired and cranky big girl dumpling.  Oy!  All three dumplings fell asleep while waiting to board the plane.  Let me tell you how much fun it is to collect all your belongings and rouse your sleepy kids every time we had to get on or off a plane. Um, NOT!  But that's how our travel story goes....

Anyway,we finally left Hong Kong at 12:45am Sunday morning.  Havi traveled in her jammies.
We arrived in Seoul at 5:30am.

This next photo cracks me up because it was about the only time Madeline was awake.  Notice the cranky face?  Caleb moved to another spot, and she promptly fell asleep right there...and stayed there for 3 hours without budging.

If it weren't for Caleb, Havi would've wandered off.  Patrick and I were so sleep deprived.  We kept trying to take turns watching her and sleeping while waiting for our 13.5 hour flight to begin, but it was so hard.  My favorite phrase- "Caleb, you got her? Okay. Good."  Yep, mom-of-the-year award right there.  I could.not.wait to fall asleep on the next flight.

Finally, finally at 10:00am, we boarded the plane.
Havi did beautifully.  She actually slept the whole flight from Hong Kong to Seoul and then slept about 9-10 hours on the long flight.  It was great.  I slept a bunch too and also managed to sneak in two movies at the end of the long flight.  

The other three in the row in front of us also slept most of the time too.  Though, when we finally arrived in Atlanta, we were all pretty hungry and grumpy.  We had a 4.5 hour layover.  However, by the time we passed through immigration and finally made it to our gate, we only had 2 hours left to wait...at a crowded gate...with no place to sit but the middle of the floor...with two tired dumplings and one that wanted to play chase through the crowd of travelers.  Oh, let me tell you, that was loads of fun.  Patrick picked up some food for us, although nobody liked what he bought for each of us.  Why?  Because we normally eat it all but were all vying for the best grouch crown.  I'm not sure exactly who won.  You'd have to ask him.  Poor Baba.

Anyway, we finally boarded the plane for our final one hour flight.  We arrived about 15-20 minutes early.  So my sister and crew, who were driving our minivan to the airport for us, weren't even there to meet us.  Thankfully my good friend and her daughters were there to greet us.  They followed us to baggage claim and helped us with all our luggage.  Then as we headed outside, my sister pulled up and, in paparazzi style, started snapping away.
Yes, I was tired, but I was actually blinking in the shot above.  I wasn't that tired.

My sister's father-in-law couldn't wait to hold Havi.

Havi did really well in the carseat.  She rather liked being up so high and looking out.  It was pretty funny.  When we arrived home, our neighbors came out to greet us and give us muffins and balloons.  My sister made that cute sign that my niece Leah is holding.

Then it was inside to play with all the toys and eat some dinner.

The two littles together.  I love it.  Madeline was so cute.  She said, "Havi and Josh don't really play together."  Nope, honey.  Not yet.  They're too young.  They'll just take each others toys for now.
Thanks so much, Deb, for snapping those homecoming photos for us. They are priceless.

We've been home almost a week now and have done really well with jet lag.  In fact, Havi and I have had zero trouble.  Seriously.  It's as if I didn't fly half way around the world.  For real!  The bigger dumplings have struggled with staying awake till bedtime on the days that I haven't forced them to take a nap, which has only happened a few times.  When they nap, they go to bed as usual and wake up after 5am...instead of 2am or 3am.  Yeah, poor Patrick, as he's been the one to get up with them.  

My mother-in-law arrived on Tuesday to spend some time with the dumplings and help out.  Caleb and Madeline have loved playing with her, as they always do. And Havi has joined right in.   It's been nice to have her here.  Oh, and remember how much Havi enjoyed the pool in China?  Well, let's just say I know where we will be spending time each day with this girl.  Seriously.  The sight of her brother and sister swimming has her trying to break down the doors to get in the pool too.  She loves the water.  She squeals and splashes, puts her face in the water.  She'll even let me lay her down in a floating position.  Anyway, I promise I will try to snap a few photos of her at home and post them.  I need to do this anyway because we'll be meeting with our social worker next weekend, and she's going to need photos for our first post placement visit report.  Thanks for hanging in there as I finished up blogging about our travel, and I hope you'll stick around now that Havi is finally home.

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Fannie Sunday, July 07, 2013  

I've been off the grid for the last week so I have some catching up to do on your blog! Havi is SOOO cute!! Its funny you are talking about grouchiness. We just finished a 1 1/2 week road trip from NYC to Mobile to Disney to NYC. By the end the crankiness was beginning, but it's really just the start, we have a roadtrip to OK in less than a week and then CHINA!!! (That is IF I ever get my TA!!!)

So glad you are all home safe and sound and adjusting to your new normal!

Deb Sunday, July 07, 2013  

What troopers you have! That trip is not easy no matter what age you are. So glad you guys arrived safely. I was surprised by the energy that all of your dumplings had once you made it back home. It's a good thing mine can keep up. Hugs!

Mary Gene Atwood Sunday, July 07, 2013  

Oh it makes me tired just reading of your trip. Thanks for taking me along with you, I've loved reading about every minute! So happy you all arrived safely. Enjoy this new darling, and she is oh so sweet!

Colleen Cocci Sunday, July 07, 2013  

I enjoyed your journey to Havi! Your little ones are awesome with each other. Havi seems to have fit right in pretty quickly! So much so fast for that little one, but by the photos, she is one happy little girl! No grouch award for her!

Hugs and Love!

Gail Sunday, July 07, 2013  

The trip home is so hard on many levels but it sounded like your littlest one did amazing!! She's such a beauty. Congrats to you all, so happy for you!!

Melissa Monday, July 08, 2013  

All things considered, it sounds like everyone did really well on the trip. I usually get grouchy on the flight home too. I can't even begin to to think how it would be with more then one little one to take care of.
Anyway, loving your photos. Havi is just so beautiful. Now I have the bug to go back to China badly.

Kim Wednesday, July 10, 2013  

Bless all of your hearts! Travel like that takes a big toll on everyone, but thankfully it is short lived. Glad you are all home and starting to settle in.

lisacng @ expandng.com Thursday, July 11, 2013  

I can't even imagine how tired everyone must have been! Such a wonderful boy, Caleb, to watch Havi! Very sweet as well. Love the homecoming & seeing your family and friends just toss love and support at you. Havi, enjoy your new home and family!


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