We have our little peanut!


This morning started off pretty early and warm for us.  Unfortunately the A/C wasn't working in our room.  So when we woke up, it was quite hot and humid.  Not so lovely.  Fortunately, we were able to call our guide Emma to help us arrange a new room before leaving for Havi.  Now that's saying something about our guide because it wasn't even 6:00am!

We filled up on food at the breakfast buffet. Then Patrick headed out to get some snacks for Havi.  We met our guide Emma in the lobby at 9:00am.  It was nice to finally meet Katie, who is also with our agency.  We had a nice drive over to the civil affairs office.

We arrived at 9:30am, and when we walked into the room, this is what we saw!
 I didn't even have my camera out.  Thankfully my new camera backpack has a side access panel.  So I whipped it around and pulled out my camera quickly.  The hotel we are staying in had placed a teddy bear in the crib.  So we brought that along with us.
 We let Caleb and Madeline approach her while Patrick and I stayed back.  She looked them up and down for a long time.

 Notice her adorable split pants and Madeline's dirty knees?  My knees matched, as I spent most of my time on them...on the dirty floor.  We also brought her a doodle board. She tried carrying both around with her.  She didn't like the juice or the lollipop.
 One of the other families also adopting from Taiyuan but with a different agency brought a whole arsenal of toys.  Caleb and Madeline snatched up their bubbles.  Havi loved them!  

 She has the cutest little scrunched up face when she laughs.....and cries.  Caleb played Andrea Bocelli  on his phone for her.  She didn't seem to mind.

 At some point while we were completing paperwork and following her around, the staff from the orphanage left.  They were so sweet. They gave us a copy of Havi's finding ad and also returned the USB thumb drive we sent with the cake care package.  They put over 150 photos and a half dozen videos on it!  It's such a treasure. 

All the while we were there, Havi really wasn't interested in me or Patrick.  I got a half smile when I showed her her photos on the back of my camera.  That was about it.  She kept swatting my hand away from her any time I tried to approach her.  She let Patrick hold her first.
 Do you see the two bags he is carrying in the photo above? Those are from Havi's foster family- one was filled with snacks and the other with clothes, shoes, and other personal items.  The foster family also wrote us a letter, which our guide Emma translated.  It was so heart warming.  You can tell how much they love their little Zhang GuanXue.  They want to meet us.  And they hope we can bring Havi back to see them when she is older.

Before we left we took our adoption family photo.  As Patrick was paying, Havi decided she was leaving.  She walked outside, and as Caleb and I tried to keep her from falling off the steps, she yelled her disapproval at us.  She's not short for an opinion, just like her sister.

As we drove back to the hotel, we waited in the van for Katie to run to the store with her new son.  Havi decided she was going to feed us as well as herself.
 The trauma of it all finally caught up to her, and she fell asleep on my lap during the drive back to the hotel.  We came back up to our room to go over some more paperwork, and she continued to sleep on my chest.
 Once she woke up, she decided to check out the room. She had a ball with her brother and sister and the bubbles.
 Patrick went with Madeline to grab lunch while Caleb, Havi, and I stayed back in the room.

 She had fun with the iPad and the stacking cups.  Then just before Patrick and Madeline returned home, Caleb asked what was on the carpet by the window behind Havi....oh that was just poop.  So I scooped her up and put her on the potty. She climbed off and proceeded to poop on the tile right by the front door.  That's when Patrick and Madeline returned.  Poor girl has some serious diarrhea.

That's when the crying for her foster mom began, as we tried to clean her all up.  It wore her out and she fell asleep again for a good while.
When she finally woke up, she started crying for her foster mom again.  Thankfully she lets us console her.  We thought we'd get out of the room and head down to the pool for the big dumplings.  They swam a little while Havi and I watched.

After swimming we got some dinner at the hotel.  Havi LOVED the watermelon.  She wanted all the watermelon on both her brother and sister's plates.  She even tried to copy me when I said its name.  So cute!

Once back to the room, she sat down with the DVD player and some Pleasant Goat.  She was tired and almost fell asleep on the floor.  But then she suddenly woke up and was crying again for her foster mom.  She motioned to the window. So I went over. She started reaching out the window for her foster mom and banging on it.  It's so heartbreaking to watch.

While she does prefer me to console her, she is still going to both Patrick and me.  So we are going to continue fostering that.  After sitting on my lap for a little bit, she saw Caleb climb into his rollaway bed.  She was checking him/it out.  Then she got down off my lap, reached for my hand and started walking me to our king size bed.  I lifted her up on it, and she climbed right into bed and laid down!

So that's our Havi Day.  Caleb and Madeline were fantastic with her.  It was so awesome to witness.  We are so in love with her.  She has the cutest, huskiest laugh for an itty bitty girl.  It's so funny.  Anyway, tomorrow afternoon we will finalize the adoption.  Thanks for following along and sharing our joy with us today.  All praise be to God our Father!

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the meaklims Monday, June 17, 2013  

I have tears of joy!!!! What a beautiful blessing she is...absolutely gorgeous. I just ADORE her scrunched up laughing little face. It's so obvious the foster family loved this little peanut. ♥ And it's so obvious your kiddies are enjoying her too.

Praying for you all.
I', really enjoying following you in China and seeing China through your lens. Your photos are seriously awesome!


the meaklims Monday, June 17, 2013  

Forgot to say: LOVE Her little outfit, bare bum and THOSE SHOES!!! So precious!

Hope her little tummy gets better soon. I'll pray.


Jennie Monday, June 17, 2013  

Oh my! She is adorable! Both Caleb and Madeline are so good with her. Havi will adjust beautifully. Again, thanks much for sharing.

Cheri Monday, June 17, 2013  

Oh, how sweet and wonderful. I'm so glad she is letting you both console and love on her. I pray her grief passes quickly. Glad to see the great pictures, too. Congratulations!

B Wilson Monday, June 17, 2013  

Now there she is!!! Wow Wow Wow she is sooooo adorable.....
May God continue to bless us all with His love....

Mom2Six Monday, June 17, 2013  

She seems to be adjusting nicely! Love the looks you are getting from her! Continuing to pray for all and can't wait to see you.

Deb Monday, June 17, 2013  

What a joy it is to see her! Her scrunched up face is just adorable. I love seeing her play with Caleb. It warms my heart. I cannot wait until you come home!

Colleen Cocci Monday, June 17, 2013  

Ditto to the posts above. She is going to be loved soooo much! Continued blessings to each of you.

Melissa Monday, June 17, 2013  

Oh my goodness, she is the cutest little thing ever. I have tears just looking at her asleep in your lap. Love the split pants and bites on her face. Iris had the same bites.

Anonymous Monday, June 17, 2013  


michele Monday, June 17, 2013  

What an amazing day! That will be remembered for a life time!!! How sweet she is, we all can't wait to meet her, especially Lydia!!! So much fun skyping! Love to all!!!
Keep us posted as you are with all the wonderful photos!!
The Bissenden's!

KR Buttolph Monday, June 17, 2013  

So exciting! Congrats...We will be traveling to Taiyuan to bring home our son July 16th. Blessings to you and your family!

Karin B.

Jess Tuesday, June 18, 2013  

She is so completely lovely, Eva. I am so over the moon happy for you all! I was looking at the photo with you holding her and thinking of how I felt when Cleo was in my arms for the first time... such an amazing moment. Enjoy the rest of your trip! I have been loving following along on your journey! xoxo

Jenna Tuesday, June 18, 2013  

She is so wonderful! So happy for you guys!!

Toni Tuesday, June 18, 2013  

Wow, my computer has been down so I haven't checked blogs in 10 days or so! I was super surprised to see these wonderful posts. Congratulations to the new parents! She is just adorable, and it looks as if she is fitting right in with the family! On a side note, glad you got to go to Mutinyu. One of my favorite spots around Beijing.

Nancy Tuesday, June 18, 2013  

I am in tears!! `i am so happy fou all. So is just the most beautiful child and so very perfectly made!
take care. Hug them all a little extra tight for me. (which is strangely awkward since I'm a stranger and all.)

Diane Tuesday, June 18, 2013  

Congratulations!!! Oh my goodness she is so cute!!! I am in tears tonight reading this beautiful story!! Havi is a beautiful addition to your beautiful family!You are so blessed! Thank you so much for sharing, I love following your journey:)
God Bless,

Living Out His Love Wednesday, June 19, 2013  

I am just catching up on your blog and all of the goodness that has transpired! CONGRATULATIONS!!! She is such a little blessing and seriously gorgeous! Love that little smile, so very precious! Keep on keeping on mama, your family is beautiful and you are doing a great job! I am excited to continue watching your story unfold, how exciting. Eeeeeek!!!!!!!

Erin Saturday, June 22, 2013  

Oh my goodness, she is just precious!!!! What a beautiful girl and clearly she adores her siblings from first meeting!!!! I am now off to read the other updates, so so so happy for you all!!!!!!

The Lewises Sunday, June 30, 2013  

There's nothing in the world like Gotcha Day! Well, for us adoptive families, at least. She's just beautiful...absolutely beautiful, and how exciting to see all of you interacting so well with Havi! What a great, great fit. And your photos are so fabulous, it brings all the excitement of that moment back to me again. You guys are awesome! :D

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 Saturday, August 17, 2013  

Oh Eva.... I'm reading Havi's story with tears!! I have been so far removed from my computer and blog reading, I didn't even realized you brought Havi home! She is such a precious baby. A million congratulations! Praise God!!!!


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