Morning sunshine


Throughout the day, our new kitchen gets a tremendous amount of natural light streaming in.  That's due in large part to a huge, south facing bay window.  Although this bay window doesn't overlook our front yard, like our old house, I love to sit in front of it at the kitchen table and look out as the sun rises.

This week Madeline spent battling a cold.  On this particular morning, I let her watch some TV while I had my coffee.  
I just love capturing sun flare of any kind.  However,controlled sun flare had been alluding me, until now.  I love that rich blue stream and how it looks like it's falling right on Madeline in these images.

Eventually she turned the tube off and decided to work on a "States" puzzle.
She's finally feeling (mostly) better, though her nose is still runny.  Thankfully she hasn't passed this on to me or Patrick.  Caleb was the one who actually gave her the cold, but he, fortunately, wasn't sick for very long at all.

All of this meant that we were in pretty good shape to help Caleb celebrate his birthday this weekend.  I still can't believe he's 8 years old.  It seems like just the other day we were celebrating his first birthday home with us.  It's hard to believe that first birthday home was 5 years ago.  5 years ago!!! Wow. Anyway, I still have to download the photos I snapped of our celebration.  So you'll have to check back for that.  Until then, I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Ni Hao Yall 

15 sweet words:

Pieni Lintu Sunday, January 13, 2013  

So lovely photos!!

Deb Sunday, January 13, 2013  

I am glad your little one is feeling better. We had such a good time yesterday. Can't wait to see the pics! Love ya!

AllyJo Sunday, January 13, 2013  

Sweet photos. I like how you use light.

Lauren Sunday, January 13, 2013  

Great shots! They capture your little one so well.

Melissa Sunday, January 13, 2013  

Wonderful light!

Nancy Sunday, January 13, 2013  

Oh now you're just rubbing it in! Brat.
(ps-I have my bags packed and am moving in momentarily.)

Gina | Listening in the Litany Sunday, January 13, 2013  

These are so beautiful and she is precious! It's so nice to meet you.

{Amy} Sunday, January 13, 2013  

beautiful! ia m a sucker for the sunlight, always trying to capture it, too. visiting form Simple Things Sunday...

Kim C. Sunday, January 13, 2013  

Your flare is beautiful! So sorry your sweet girl has been sick. Hope she bounces back quickly. You still have such gorgeous light in your home. I feel like I'm.ive in a dungeon! LOL! Happy Birthday to Caleb! Hope he has an awesome celebration!

the meaklims Sunday, January 13, 2013  

Oh EVA! that sun flare is delicious! Keep those gorgeous pictures coming!


Stephanie Sunday, January 13, 2013  

Gorgeous, gorgeous photos. As always. I love seeing your kids through your eyes/lens.

Toni Sunday, January 13, 2013  

Happy Birthday from the Crebbin Family, Caleb!

BumbersBumblings Monday, January 14, 2013  

Those pics of her on the couch are absolutely breathtaking!!

rebecca Monday, January 14, 2013  

Such beautiful photos Eva! Thank you for linking up with the simple things this week! :)

lisacng @ Friday, January 18, 2013  

Great sunflare! Glad she's feeling better.


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