Last days, moving, and Thanksgiving Day-ish


Well, my absence from the blog this time means only one thing....we closed on our house last week!  We have spent all week packing things up.  Remember how I said I wanted to capture some images inside our home, one last time before we moved?  Well, I managed to take a few.  The series I'm sharing this time is when the kidlets decided to play Candyland one afternoon.  

They had a lot of fun, and their time together almost always means tickle fights, squishing each other, and giggles.

This room no longer looks like this.  The rug, console table, arm chair and ottoman, and end tables are gone.  I did snap a few more of the kids enjoying the house before the chaos ensued.  So I will post those soon too.  And I have  also taken a handful of photos with my big girl camera and iPhone in my attempt to capture our moving process. But I still need to download those and then find the time to put them together to make a coherent blog post.  Hmm...that might take time.

Anyway, I do think our slow transition will help the kids adjust a bit better. They have been playing at the new house a lot while we unpack over there.  So it won't feel so strange to them when we're finally all moved over.  Now don't get me wrong and think that I'm thinking this will be easy as pie; I don't.  I just think it will be a wee bit easier.  That's all.

We've already met most of our neighbors on our cul-de-sac.  I'm happy to report that two families are big Florida Gator fans, just like yours truly. So we know a few more people who are celebrating the Gator victory this weekend.  (I think big Gator block parties are in our future. he he.)

On the adoption front, still no word on our LID.  I'm a little disappointed that we haven't heard about it yet.  I had hoped that we would hear by the end of this month.  And, although we haven't yet, I'm still hopeful because November still has a few more days before it's over.  So there's still a chance.  And if not, it won't be the end of me.  I have really given complete control of this adoption to the Lord.  I'm at total peace. So it is what it is.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We did indeed eat turkey prepared by my better half.  Then we spent a good part of the day moving things.  Still, turkey made it feel like Thanksgiving.  My sister, Deb, and BIL Andy came on Friday with their kidlets.  Andy helped Patrick move a few things, and my sister offered her opinion on her top choices for wall colors from the sample boards I painted.  Isn't that what sisters are so good for?  I love her!  Caleb and Madeline loved playing with Leah, and the feeling was mutual.  Now if only Joshua could morph into a 3yo who talks and listens, then life would be swell.  In the meantime, we'll continue to chase him down to keep him out of trouble and smother him with kisses.

5 sweet words:

Cheri Sunday, November 25, 2012  

I'm sure you are just flooded with sweet memories of the house that was the first home to your children. I did when I left Illinois 11 years ago. Enjoy this new home and you'll be making new memories soon with your new daughter!

Fannie Monday, November 26, 2012  

Very cute pics of the kiddos! No LID yet huh? You're making me nervous! Haha! It really is all in God's time. Even though I always want it to be in mine!!! Here's hoping its soon!!

lisacng @ Monday, November 26, 2012  

Yay for a slow transition. If you can manage it, great :). Love how much they love each other!

Jess Tuesday, November 27, 2012  

Hi Eva! So many exciting things going on for you and your family! Praying for a smooth move and transition.

Congrats on being DTC! Love that you have so much peace with the timing... that is really the best way to be.


Kim C. Tuesday, November 27, 2012  

Love the light in your house! Wish I had that amount of natural lighting. Glad you could have turkey in the midst of moving. Hope you get settled quickly!


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