Oh sun, how I love thee!


Whew.  We just got home from a quick weekend get-away in Miami.  We packed a lot into a short trip, and I have lots of photos to prove it.  We watched a Major League baseball game and went to the zoo and meandered around Coconut Grove as well.  But that post will have to wait.  In the meantime, I thought I would share a few photos with you that I have taken for my photography class.  

This past week was about capturing photos WITHOUT people.  So I thought I'd try capturing that elusive sunset I've been after.  More on this in a bit.
For the most part, I captured no peeps in my shots, but there were times that I couldn't resist.

There she goes again with her hand-on-hip pose.  Funny girl.

Some artwork below an overpass.
She had to stop and pick me a weed flower.
We decided to have an early dinner and head over to a local marina.  
Boats on the water are always so soothing.

As we headed back to the car, the sun was starting to set over the creek.
And when we realized this, we made a mad dash across the river to get to the other side.  
Four minutes later, this is what we saw.
The sky and water were glowing.
I FINALLY got my sunset.
 And since I was already exposing my shots for the sky, I thought I would capture some silhouettes of the dumplings.  Only they were a tad cranky.  So they look more like snapshot silhouettes. lol.  Still, I love how you can see their crankiness in these shots.  Keeping it real.

Gotta love those tired, grumpy faces!!!

So, I'm gonna do my best to share our vacation photos as I get around to editing them.  We really had a great time, despite the heat and rain.  And when I say heat, I mean the sweat-dripping-off-your-nose kind of heat....for real!

For more fab photos, check out Stefanie's blog!

Ni Hao Yall

11 sweet words:

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography Sunday, August 12, 2012  

WOOOOAAAHHHH!!! What gorgeous painterly feel you captured here!!!!! Totally knocked this assignment out of the park. WOW-EEEEEE!!

Teri Sunday, August 12, 2012  

BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I love these...amazing job!

Grandma (Bammy) Monday, August 13, 2012  

WOW Great shots!! Was thinking of you all this weekend - glad Caleb was better to make the trip...
love the silhouettes.....
Lots of love from Bammy

Melissa Monday, August 13, 2012  

WOW, thats I all can say.

Toni Monday, August 13, 2012  


Stefanie Monday, August 13, 2012  

So beautiful, Eva! You captured a stunning sunset magnificently!

lisacng Monday, August 13, 2012  

Um hello gorgeous colors in that 1st photo! Did you have to bump up the saturation post process? The glow from the sky is tremendous! And the ppl are so small, it's really about the sky! You tell Madeline to work it girl! Love her bright pink shirt against the blue columns. I love the boats on the water too - they are soothing! Beautiful blues. BEAUTIFUL sunset photos. The colors! And LOL on the grumpy faces in the silhouettes. They have character!

Stephanie Monday, August 13, 2012  

Stunning sky shots! And the grumpy silhouettes? Priceless.

Gail Monday, August 13, 2012  

LOVE the sunset....wow!!!!

Kim Cunningham Monday, August 13, 2012  

Wow! That first sunset is incredible! I love miss sassy with her hand on the hip, and the silhouettes are simply precious.

the meaklims Monday, August 13, 2012  

WOW...sunset!! And love those silhouettes, even if they are grumpy, it's absolutely real!! :)



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