Celebrating Madeline


As I mentioned earlier this week, I took Caleb and Madeline down to the park/pier to enjoy the "sunset" on Madeline's 2 year Gotcha Day anniversary.  I haven't been out to watch the sun set in a while.  So I thought it would be a nice thing for us to do together and for me to brush up on my sunset taking photo skills.  But as you can see, the sun forgot to show up for our little date.  The kids, though, indulged me a bit as I tried to get in some photography homework.

Madeline really wanted to play on the playground.  She had had enough of me and my camera. lol
But Caleb convinced her to hang in there just a wee bit longer.

Then I suggested we head over to the pier to watch the fisherman.
The kids were tickled to see this Great White Egret.  But as we approached, he naturally took off.

He came back to the pier, though, and they had yet another chance to get close.  
This time I managed to get a reasonable shot of him mid flight when he took off again.
Caleb and Madeline were so intrigued by the fisherman.  They probably could've sat there all night watching them.

And then...as the sun slooooowy dropped lower in the sky, some rays finally peeked out above that cloud that had lingered so close to the horizon.
I love living on this narrow barrier island.  I love that we have sunrises over the ocean and sunsets over the river.  I can't wait to go back and capture more sunsets when the sky actually cooperates.

Madeline had fun, too, snapping photos of the sunset with my phone.

And then it was time to head home.
And take one more rest and assess those sunset photos.
We truly had a lovely day celebrating our big girl.  The only thing missing was Baba.
We're so glad he's back because we missed him something terrible.

For more Sunday Snapshots, pop on over to Stefanie's blog.
Ni Hao Yall

15 sweet words:

Amy Sunday, July 22, 2012  

Once again, I'm totally jealous of where you live!! Gorgeous shots & of course, gorgeous kids!! :)

Kate Sunday, July 22, 2012  

Happy two years to your family and your beautiful girl! It is a beautiful series of shots to commemorate such a special day.

Deb Sunday, July 22, 2012  

Special photos of your sweet kids. Love all of the angles girl! Way to go! I love their little hipster/attitude photo, too. Adorable! Can't wait to celebrate with you!

Gail Sunday, July 22, 2012  

Congrats on 2 years with your beautiful Madeline!! Love all of these, especially the one with the Egret!!

Nancy Sunday, July 22, 2012  

First-I wanna live where there are egrets!
Second-The way he holds her arm and kisses it... oh my. mama bliss!
Third-Lovely images and happy 2 year Forever Family Day!

Syndi Sunday, July 22, 2012  

The picture of your son with his arm around your daughter just melts my heart! Precious!

The Crazy Eight Toering Clan Sunday, July 22, 2012  

Oh they are precious!!! Found your blog through Stefanie's SS...Love the photo of your sweet kids back to back!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography Sunday, July 22, 2012  

These are just beautiful!!! I love seeing your outings & all the great things you take them to go do.

Teri Sunday, July 22, 2012  

I love these. They are so sweet together:)!!!!

Stephanie Sunday, July 22, 2012  

Get outta town! That shot of Caleb and Madeline standing arm in arm on the pier?! Priceless! And I'm loving the egret mid-flight. Stunning.

Melissa Sunday, July 22, 2012  

It is hard to believe our girls have been home for 2 years now. But then it seems like they have always been here.
Love the pictures. I so want to bring my kids down for you to take their pictures.

3 Peanuts Sunday, July 22, 2012  

This whole series os beautiful and I can see several of Lisa's lessons here:)

Happy 2 year anniversary:)

Toni Monday, July 23, 2012  

Happy Gotcha Day Madeline! Hope you had a special day for a special little girl.

lisacng Monday, July 23, 2012  

Too bad about the sun not showing up ;). I hate when that happens. Nevertheless, still great soft even light for the photos. I love the light on their faces in the one where they're holding hands and the park bench is off to the right. And what a pose from Madeline when she's looking over her own shoulder. I love the one where they're looking at the egret. You can totally picture their faces even though they're not looking to camera! And I love them stooping next to the railing!

Kim Cunningham Tuesday, July 24, 2012  

I love all the gotcha day photos! So sweet. Hope you had a lovely day celebrating her!


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