Spring recital


After much anticipation, the day finally arrived.

The theme for the Children's Program was "Dance Around the World."
Madeline's class (the three year olds) represented Jamaica.

They performed their tap routine to Buster Poindexter's Hot Hot Hot.
 All the girls tapped with maracas in their hands.  Madeline LOVED shaking her hips. She is third from the left, stealing a peek.

They performed their ballet number to Harry Belafonte's Jamaica Farewell.

One of the classes represented India.
Another class represented the United States.
The older girls represented Africa. Oooh, I loved their performances.
Finally, there was Greece.
A few of the older girls also performed.  Here is one of the jazz groups.
And here's Ms. Gretchen, the director of the Children's Program with all her girls.
She surprised everybody by having all the girls sing "It's a Small World."  Well, then I knew why Madeline kept singing the chorus to that song over and over and over for the last few weeks! lol.
Madeline stole some good-bye-for-summer hugs and kisses from her instructors Ms. Caroline and Ms. Gretchen.
To say she was delighted to receive flowers was an understatement.
She was ecstatic, though her face doesn't show it in these photos.

Patrick was able to videotape the ballet routine using his iPhone.
You can spot Madeline "ad libbing" around the 1:33 mark.  So Madeline. lol

Although I knew I wanted to shoot with a wide angle lens (to capture all the girls on stage), what I didn't necessarily like was the seat I chose.  You can't see any of the girls' feet.   Not until after uploading the video to Youtube, did I even realize there was a balcony!  Ugh!  Well, at least now I know where I'll be sitting next year!

9 sweet words:

Toni Wednesday, June 13, 2012  

Too cute! I love the stark background colors you captured.

lisacng Wednesday, June 13, 2012  

I love Madeline's colorful costume. An homage to Jamaica without being over the top. Hope you didn't have to make that ;). I love her dancer's stance - toes pointed at 10 and 2 ;). Madeline is such a ham, I can tell. Look at that peek over her shoulder, and the jump/twirl in the air. And she's "getting down" in the funk with that ballet routine! Those ballerinas for Greece are so precious! And who's the lone boy in the America performance ;). LOL. I'm glad she enjoyed the flowers. How special! Hold on, you didn't talk about the makeup application!!! And thank your husband for not taking a vertical video (https://www.facebook.com/expandng/posts/220635558057258). JK, nothing wrong with VV, I just this video was hilarious though. On the photo-side, great job with WB cause all the skin looks great! Too bad about the feet situation. Good scouting for next year! And at least you weren't flashing away like other parents. Someone tell them that the tiny flash on your camera ain't gonna do a thing when you're that far away from the stage ;).

Melissa Wednesday, June 13, 2012  

It looks like Madeline loved her recital. Ansley is still trying to talk Iris into taking ballet. Ansley loves to dance, so naturally her little sister should love it too. No go, Iris is a basketballer.
Madeline's costume was darling. Get ready for many more recitals in your living room just for you and Daddy.

Deb Wednesday, June 13, 2012  

Love your photos. You did a fabulous job capturing the moment! We had a blast!

Grandma (Bammy) Wednesday, June 13, 2012  

Look at you Madeline - a real dancer already at 4 years old!! You are fantastic!!
Lots of love from your Grandma!

Great Scott Thursday, June 14, 2012  

Yay! Well done Miss Madeline!

the meaklims Thursday, June 14, 2012  

Just look at the effort she is putting into that dance!! It's obvious that she really enjoys it, and that costume is just beautiful!

What a precious girl, beautiful pictures with her Mama & Baba... I can tell how proud you are of your beautiful little woman.


Jancy Friday, June 15, 2012  

They looked liked they all had a blast!

living out His love Friday, June 15, 2012  

I don't know how you can even stand how gorgeous she is! Oh my word, what a beauty!


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