Making faces


Reading.  We love it!
Caleb and I spend most afternoons reading to each other while Madeline naps.  
(She gets read to also, just at different times of the day.)
On any given day, we read aloud to each other from two different books.
At the moment, Caleb is wrapping up
Little House on the Prairie and Mr. Popper's Penguins.
I'm reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and The Door in the Wall (to him.)

The other day, after we finished reading to each other, I thought I would grab my camera 
for a few shots of the two of us.
Now, understand that I knew, prior to taking the shots,
how handholding a camera does a fabulous job at enhancing one's nose.
So please, pay no attention to the distortion of my nose in the photos below.
It's not really that large. 

I had no idea Caleb was resting so peacefully on my shoulder until after I viewed the photo.
Isn't he precious?

Well, we couldn't keep things totally serious.
Some face making was in order.

He is such a funny, little guy.
Anyway, I do love our afternoons reading together.
It's such a special time.

I also snapped this photo of Madeline playing "tot school", as we call it,
on my iPhone early one morning.
The light trickling in the room fell only on her body.
I love the low light effect.

9 sweet words:

Cheri Wednesday, May 23, 2012  

Very nice faces! Yeah, those shots do terrible things to my face. Rarely do I get a good one. I LOVE the pic of your daughter.

Stephanie Wednesday, May 23, 2012  

FABULOUS photos! And I didn't even think your nose looked huge. Love the low-lighting one of Madeline, too!
Blessings on your day!

lisacng Wednesday, May 23, 2012  

Great self portraits! I am experimenting this week with them! And love the low light in the last one. A technique that is not easy to grasp, I haven't yet! Great mood!

BumbersBumblings Wednesday, May 23, 2012  

Love your silly faces!!!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography Wednesday, May 23, 2012  

Oh these are the best!!!! Love the faces & that last one- WOWZERS it's gorgeous!

Deb Wednesday, May 23, 2012  

Love these photos, sis! You are doing a really fabulous job capturing daily moments. Calebs's face is so sweet resting on your shoulder. Love the one of Madeline on the couch. The lighting is perfect!

Kim Cunningham Thursday, May 24, 2012  

These are so sweet and I LOVE that last one. The light is perfect. Such a great moment to capture.

Great Scott Thursday, May 24, 2012 WOW! I was prepared to comment on how much I loved those selfies until I got to that zinger of a photo at the end. Blown away by that contrast. The dark framing her as she is held by the light. TOTALLY amazing. I intended to say originally, those are the cutest darn selfies ever. Just love every one but the first one of his precious face resting on your shoulder with eyes closed just made my day. xoxo

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 Thursday, May 24, 2012  

LOL!! Love the nose comment! I just posted the EXACT same thing on Instagram - haha! I kept trying to take a picture of myself, and the light was hitting my nose weird, and made it look huge!

I LOVE that you are in these shots! I need to do better about that. I bought a remote last year so I could easily be in pictures with my kids and I've used it twice, I think. :-0

Your 3rd shot is my favorite! I love to see people's true personality - LOL! :-) And LOVE the low light effect on your sweet girl. Absolutely beautiful!


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