And she said


Last night as I was putting Madeline to bed, the following conversation took place.

Madeline: I might be a whale or a dolphin.
Me: Really? When?
Madeline: Maybe when I'm older, say 5 or 6.
Me: Well, honey, you're a little girl, and you'll always be a girl.
Madeline: I might.  I hope you don't be disappointed at me.

She's such a hoot!

Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley

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Stephanie Tuesday, May 15, 2012  

Ha! Cracks me up!
You have to admit she'd make the cutest dolphin ever...when she's 5 or 6. :)

Mimi Tuesday, May 15, 2012  

She is adorable. Great capture

lisacng Tuesday, May 15, 2012  

Aw, of course you wouldn't be disappointed in her! Be sure to capture photos of her trying to be a whale tho! Great catchlights and b/w conversion! Love the strand of hair in the face :D

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography Tuesday, May 15, 2012  

That is so funny!!!!!!!!!!! I love the things they say.

Melissa Tuesday, May 15, 2012  

Who could be disappointed in that face! Dolphin or not.

Deb Tuesday, May 15, 2012  

That little girl is such a hoot! Can't wait to see her this weekend! Fabulous photo!!!

Grandma (Bammy) Wednesday, May 16, 2012  

Madeline, you sure have a wonderful imagination!!! The world is your oyster!!!
I love you sooooooooooo much.

Deborah L. Tisch Wednesday, May 16, 2012  

Love the portrait and the little story is just so cute!

Kara @ June & Bear Wednesday, May 16, 2012  

i have a thinker like that too. wish i had her spunk and imagination. your daughter is lovely too.


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