Sunday Snapshot: Long Overdue


This post is photo heavy. Why? Because it is LONG OVERDUE!

I have finally gotten around to editing all those remaining photos from our trip to Connecticut a month ago. Yikes, a month ago. Time just doesn't stand still, now does it?

Anyway, since I have so many photos to share, I will be breaking this post into two. To recap, we traveled to Connecticut for our niece, Lydia's, 5th birthday, which she celebrated at the Beardsley Zoo.

We spent one day picking apples at Lyman Orchard. We all enjoyed ourselves immensely.

The kids enjoyed watching the mallards swim after lunch at the orchard.

I love this last photo, and it's not because of the parking lot behind the kids. Madeline's eyes are not closed. Rather, she is truly enjoying the hug she is giving her brother. Be still my heart.

We also had a lot of fun, just hanging out in the backyard. One of Lydia's birthday presents was a talking toy phone. The girls had a blast playing with it.

While the girls played with the phone and baby dolls, Caleb did a lot of this.

The kids had the chance to blow bubbles, although Madeline was quite the bubble hog.

Madeline fell in love with Lydia's princess shoes while we were there. As soon as she would wake up in the morning, she would run to the shoes and ask me if it was okay to put them on. Naturally I would say yes. But those plastic shoes were loud on the wood floors. She wore them constantly.

We also had the chance to enjoy munching on all those delicious apples the kiddos picked.

Phew, that's a lot of photos. And there is still more to come. Next up, I will share some photos I took on our trip to the Statue of the Liberty. Stay tuned.

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Sunday Snapshot

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michele Monday, October 31, 2011  

Great pictures...we really enjoyed them...It was a great visit, the kids had such an awesome time! Miss you guys! thanks for sharing the wonderful pics
Auntie Shell


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