Black & White Wednesday: One year


For Madeline's Gotcha Day Anniversay, we were at a loss as to how we would actually celebrate it.

For Caleb's Gotcha celebrations, we head over to Disney World. Why? Because it's in November....awesome weather and no crowds. Now, Disney in July? Um.....NOT. No way.

So we decided to head to Chuck E. Cheese, since a new one opened up in town recently. Caleb and Madeline had a blast! It was non-stop fun.

The kids collected a bunch of tickets that they traded in for some goodies. Madeline picked out a pack of Smarties and a ring. Caleb also picked out Smarties and a top.

While Chuck E. Cheese was fun for the kids, we have already made our plans for next year. We have decided that we want to rent a bouncy water slide "thing" for the backyard. The kids had a blast going down one at a neighbor's birthday party recently. So we know it will be a big hit next summer.

Well, I snapped these photos before we headed out to Chuck E. Cheese last week. I think Madeline has such a beautiful smile.

And such a silly side, too. I just love it when she goes to open her mouth with her fingers and tries to stick out her tongue. She ends up looking like she's eating her arm. It's hilarious.

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3 sweet words:

Chic Homeschool Mama Wednesday, July 27, 2011  

What a DOLL!!!!!!!!!! She looks fabulous in that color

Melissa Thursday, July 28, 2011  

She is so beautiful. Boy her personality just shines doesn't it?

Colleen Cocci Thursday, July 28, 2011  

Just precious! I am so happy to read through your posts and see how happy everyone looks! Kudos to your and Patrick's love and parenting and teaching skills!


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And now we wait to bring Havi home from China.

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