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Well, we have spent the last week and a half under the weather....that is, Caleb and me. Thankfully, Madeline avoided getting sick at all. Patrick got a little sick. But we're all doing fine now....finally. Poor Caleb had to miss out on a lot of therapy and baseball. So he's itching to get back on the baseball field. I'm also so thankful that we homeschool because I can't imagine having to catch up on a week's worth of school. I used to avoid missing school at all costs when I was little because I hated the idea of having double the amount of work to do. So homeschooling rocks when kiddos get sick, in my humble opinion.

Speaking of homeschooling, Caleb continues to thrive. His reading has improved so much. I never expected him to make this much progress since our school year started because reading has never come easy for him. And as for math, we are wrapping up first grade and will be starting second grade next week! Singapore focuses heavily upon mental math calculations. And Caleb handles it like a champ. It's hard to believe he's doing the kind of math that 7-8 year olds do...and he's only 5 1/2!

Madeline continues to do well. She's a great sleeper and eater. She's quite a ham, like Caleb. But unlike Caleb, she is quite mischievous. She's managed to get into my make up bag, climb up to her brother's sink using his step stool (because we move hers away when not in use) and fill her toy tea pots with water....and proceed to spill it all over the table/floor in our school room. Yeah, lovely. She's unbelievable. She makes the funniest faces. She's so dramatic. And she still babbles in Ch*inese. Her latest English words are "No way!" No surprise, she gets this from Caleb because that's his response when answering his "silly questions" from his Explode The Code phonics program. It's downright hilarious to hear her say it in her accent. I'll have to get it on video.

Update on my sister's dear friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer. She went for her first round of chemo last week. She also found out she'll deliver her son Preston at 34 weeks. And he's doing great in utero right now. She's ready to fight. And she's got a huge team helping her. It's awesome to see.

Well, here are some photos from Miss Madeline's play time in the front yard. Enjoy!

Ms. Chatterbox

Taking a picture of mommy with my iphone...and falling...oops

Cute as a button

Listening to the plane flying overhead

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Fliss and Mike Adventures Saturday, September 25, 2010  

Glad to hear you are all feeling better and getting into the swing of things. We are now getting into the swing of things too... five months later :) You didn't warn me about that... hugs to you...

Wendy Monday, September 27, 2010  

I have stumbled upon your blog and have enjoyed reading about your journey to your sweet little ones. My husband and I have just received a referral for a precious 4 year old girl from China who is missing her left hand. Would you be willing to share some of your experience with Madeline with me? It would be such a blessing to hear how your family is handling this special need. Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you! My email is Blessings to you,

Cheri Monday, September 27, 2010  

Always love to see the photos, and hear the updates on the children.

I still think of your sister's friend and pray all goes well for her.

Mandi Thursday, October 14, 2010  

Hi, I posted to a Yahoo group asking for more info on brachial plexis and someone responded with a link to your blog. I would love to talk to you a little about this. Please feel free to e-mail me at

Your children are beautiful!!!


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And now we wait to bring Havi home from China.

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