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Here are some videos of Caleb for your viewing pleasure. The first one is a short story titled, "Why I love my Daddy." (I took this with my iphone, so I apologize in advance for my finger in the top left corner. Ugh.)

Here is another video featuring Caleb that was taken at my cousin's wedding back in May. I was really hoping to fix the orientation of the video. But alas, I haven't been able to. Regardless though, I just HAD to share what a great dancer Caleb is. We all had so much fun at the wedding. And Caleb certainly wore his dancing shoes.

On Friday, we all attended a birthday celebration of a friend's 3 year old daughter. It was our first big "social" here in town. Madeline Bei did great with the big crowd of people. She is definitely less anxious than Caleb was when we brought him home almost 3 years ago. Anyway, my friend Adrienne does face painting. So naturally she set up her stuff for her daughter's birthday party. Well, Caleb decided he wanted to get his face painted and chose Spiderman. This is the first time he's had his face painted, and he did great! AND he just looked so darn precious! And so grown up!!!! Patrick took these with his iphone.

2 sweet words:

Fliss and Mike Adventures Sunday, September 05, 2010  

Elvis better look out.. Caleb is about to outshine him :)

Colleen Cocci Tuesday, September 07, 2010  

Caleb is a great mover and shaker! I loved it - even watching with my head sideways! I wish I had his moves! Give him a hug from me, please! So glad to read that Madeline is fitting right in with other people. YAY!


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This blog is a place where we have shared our lives with family and friends while we waited to bring our daughter, Madeline, home from China and while we actually traveled to China for her. It is also a place where we will continue to share our life experiences, as we try to glorify God and raise our two precious dumplings from China.

And now we wait to bring Havi home from China.

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