Jin Bei and her markers


So today marks one week home, and I decided to give Jin Bei her Crayola wonder color markers. These are wonderful, as they only write on special paper. She figured out quite quickly how to get the caps on and off, which is no surprise because she's a little smartie pants. But true to form (like her crayons and the ziplock bag), she was more interested in taking the caps on and off instead of actually using her markers. Just precious. By the way, I took this video with my new iphone, which I am totally digging. Thanks, honey!

6 sweet words:

Cheri Sunday, August 08, 2010  

Wow! That is so great! Joy has such a terrible temper and gets frustrated so easily. I sure wish she'd try a bit harder. Right now she is mad because she cannot get the blocks snapped together. Poor girl!

Colleen Cocci Sunday, August 08, 2010  

WOW! What a smartie she is! And her patience! I cringed when she removed the cap with her teeth (that's something I do a lot and Jim hates it... I can see why now). With your gentle prompting, she totally understands! I loved the "awesome" at the end. JUST PRECIOUS!

Deb Sunday, August 08, 2010  

She is just precious! I don't know if I should let Leah see this one. She might get some ideas. tee-hee ;)

Toni Monday, August 09, 2010  

I especially love that she is already saying "awesome!"

Melissa Monday, August 09, 2010  

That is to sweet! I love that "awsome" Her voice is just to sweet.
More please, I love the videos.

Allison Thursday, August 12, 2010  

Well, what a little smarty pants! We have the same markers and Xan loves to do the same thing, lid on, lid off. I love that she said "Awesome!" what a delight!!!


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