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Just popping on here to let you know that our precious Jin Bei has had a fever on and off since this morning. This is because of all the shots she got yesterday. We are giving her tylenol to help bring it down. But she has been out of sorts all day. Please pray that she begins to feel better. We had to skip out on touring this morning. We have to head back to the medical clinic tomorrow to get her TB test read. So far, her shot site looks good.

On another note, I forgot to mention how big my girl is. I knew something wasn't right when the clothes I brought for Jin Bei to wear were fitting well or a little loose. So I began to wonder if my biceps were just whipped from toting luggage through several airports over the course of several days. Well, the latter seems to be the case. When Jin Bei's height and weight were taken at the exam, I was watching closely. Her height was 87.5cm, which equates to 34.4 inches. This was exactly the same information given us during our last update. When her weight was taken, I could've sworn the scale said 12kg, which equates to 26.4lbs and was also the last measurement given to us. But the lady wrote down 11.5kg, which is 25.3lbs. Either way, she's pretty close to what our last measurements would indicate. And after wearing her in the carrier for the majority of our time, my poor tired arms have now been rested and can attest that she weighs that much. I am so thankful she now likes to go in the carrier, as she protested greatly the first two days.

Anyway, we thank you for your prayers. I'll try to post some photos later today. We've only taken a few here in the room, as this is where we've been pretty much all day. In a little bit, we are going to attempt dinner at Lucy's on the island with some of the other Rumor Queen families. We'll see how long that lasts. By the way, we are staying at the Holiday Inn Shifu and are LOVING it! Spacious, clean, modern rooms...awesome bathroom, great location. Love it! And since I have a hard time writing a post without photos, I am including a few from yesterday morning when Jin Bei woke up in a great mood.

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Fliss and Mike Adventures Sunday, July 25, 2010  

Hoping that fever comes down soon... good to hear she woke in a good mood ;) Hugs...

Melissa Sunday, July 25, 2010  

Poor little baby. Four shots is way to many in one day. Will be sending up prayers for the fever and continued bonding. Lovin that smiley happy baby.


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And now we wait to bring Havi home from China.

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