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This morning, we grabbed some breakfast at our hotel before heading out to the local Carreforre. Breakfast was a nice spread of Ch*inese and western food. We ran in to the Drewes and chatted for a bit. So that was nice. Our walk to the store was about 10-15 minutes. We had to cross two streets, one of which had no light. We made it just fine, though it does get hot. So we bought some umbrellas to stay shaded. We found most of what we were looking for: cookies, chips, drinks, lollipops. But we couldn't find a nail clipper. That proved to be quite difficult and frustrating. So we had to settle for some baby nail scissors. When we checked out, the clerk grabbed all of our lollipops and proceeded to chatter away in Ch*inese. We just shrugged our shoulders. She eventually called another worker over, who took all of our lollipops away. She eventually came back with them all bagged up and weighed. I'll tell ya, no amount of learning basic Ch*inese to communicate with your newly adopted child is going to help you in a situation like that. We accomplished what we wanted and just had to laugh about the whole thing.

We have encountered the predictable amount of staring and smiles since arriving. It was quite funny when we were walking back to the hotel. So many people kept taking double takes, as they saw a big, tall, white, bald guy talking English to these two people under the umbrellas. They looked in amazement when they discovered it was a Ch*inese boy talking English instead of a white westerner. It was quite entertaining.

Well, before I lose this internet connection, I should sign off here. Hopefully, we'll be able to share some photos after we meet Madeline and bring her back to the hotel. I'm sure we'll be able to write about the whole experience. But our internet connectivity issues have made adding photos quite a chore. Hopefully soon, we'll figure out a way to break through them and consistenly share all the photos that you all are anxiously awaiting. Next post, we'll be a family of four! Thanks for all your prayers. I'm adding a photo of Caleb from the other night. Enjoy!

Caleb enjoying a HUGE bowl of noodles his first night in Wuhan

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Mom2Four Monday, July 19, 2010  

OK, it's 7:28am here on the east coast and there isn't a post about wonderful Madeline yet!?!?!?!

I can't stand it.... I pray things are going well with you guys.

Love Lives Here Monday, July 19, 2010  

Iris would see nothing wrong with the size of the noodle bowl. In fact she would want seconds.
I'll be back in about 3 hours so hopfully you will have pictures of Madeline in your arms.

Lisa Monday, July 19, 2010  

Praying really hard that everything is going ok!

Anonymous Monday, July 19, 2010  

you're half way around the globe -
so far away yet as close as your laptop.

Time to seal the deal!!

Good Luck.

Uncle Bob

Fliss and Mike Adventures Monday, July 19, 2010  

Gotta love Carrefour :) We were amazed walking around the place... I have your Gotcha Date written on my calender so I wouldn't forget... it is so exciting :) I can imagine everyone staring at Patrick... he isn't exactly short :) As for the noodles Caleb has... they look delicious... tell him if he could bring me some home :)


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And now we wait to bring Havi home from China.

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