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Meet Caleb, Madeline's big brother. Our dossier for Caleb was logged in at CCAA on 1/31/07. We received our referral for Caleb on 7/10/07. We traveled to China in October 2007 and brought him home in November. He was almost three years old at the time we first held him in our arms. He prays for Madeline every night, and he can't wait to travel to China to bring her home.

Here are his referral photos, taken in January 2007 when he was 2 years old. We fell in love with him immediately.

At the Guangzhou Social Welfare Institution

Here he is in March 2009. Our precious little boy is growing up so fast!

3 sweet words:

Barbara Saturday, December 12, 2009  

Now it works - hurray!! There you are Caleb - so beautiful - how grown up you are already...can't wait to see your smiling face...hope it is soon. I love you.

Fliss and Mike Adventures Thursday, February 25, 2010  

Hey look, it is my future son-in-law... I think that he and Shauna will be a perfect match... hehehe... oh he is the sweetest little boy :)

marisel Thursday, July 15, 2010  

caleb is sooo cute and im happy he was able to find a happy family with eva and dr d. and now he gets to be a big brother thats awesome!!


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This blog is a place where we have shared our lives with family and friends while we waited to bring our daughter, Madeline, home from China and while we actually traveled to China for her. It is also a place where we will continue to share our life experiences, as we try to glorify God and raise our two precious dumplings from China.

And now we wait to bring Havi home from China.

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